What I Believe (Billy)


Billy lives in Montréal, Quebec. He is an artist, writer and shop keeper.

1. What are your spiritual beliefs?

Good question. Is it spiritual to assume the universe is conscious?

Is it spiritual to assume that an order of intelligences embody/inhabit the cosmos, macro and micro? I am of the belief that some kind of consciousness pervades the universe. This belief (and I have a nagging grudge against that word and its misuses) or model is flexible as new information comes in. I never knew and still don’t what current scientific consensus agrees about reality.

I am staggered consistently by scale and its vastness. I am easily lulled (lilted) by visions of infinity.

I love that I have a human brain and nervous system. I am aware how animal sense continues where human senses have modest boundaries. I am aware that being endowed with a whimsy of power from nature’s buffet can cast a godlike shadow. I do not see the problem with congress on many levels simultaneously between humanity and the other species and other elements of the world. I assume full fittedness within nature.

I have senses. I know their limitations. I trust other instruments? I don’t know.
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