What I Believe (Vanessa)

window dylan

Vanessa is an author who lives in Los Angeles.

1. What are your spiritual beliefs?
I guess I believe that the world is very big, and very magical, but the reasons behind its magic are beyond me. There is a net of humanity that sometimes supports people, but people also fall through the holes.

2. How sure are you that those beliefs are true?
I’m not. I feel like by definition, beliefs can never be absolutely true.

3. How did you come to have these beliefs?
I’ve been very lucky in my life but I also know that the world is often and always senselessly tragic. It seems very random and it’s only people that put any of it into some kind of narrative.

4. What do you wish you could believe (but don’t)?
I feel OK with my beliefs as they are.

5. What do you think it means to believe in something?
I think spiritual belief is about security and certainty, and then maybe also your own individual needs or desires for security and certainty.

6. Does this stuff matter to you? Do you think about it much?
Coming to terms with my own relationship to it is probably something I think about every day, just to process situations and experiences. And I like hearing about others’ spiritual beliefs, because they can teach me about other people.


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