What I Believe (Isaac)


Isaac lives in Christchurch.

1. What are your spiritual beliefs?

How much time do you have?

I always feel like I ought to have a sort of elevator pitch for my religious beliefs, but it’s utterly hopeless to imagine I could put it all into a couple of sentences. Sometimes when people ask me what I believe I find myself paralysed trying to figure out where on earth to start. It’s tricky to draw a single through-line from one side of a system of belief to the other without getting tangled up along the way, but for the purposes of this particular epistle I’ve made the arbitrary decision to start from my most abstract, metaphysical, mystical beliefs and proceed towards the familiar. That way, we’ll at least end up close to home at the end.

At the mystical heart of it all, I believe that there is a thing that is the fundamental ground to all being. Something that exists independently of all other things, and on which all other things depend for their existence. I’m comfortable calling this thing “God”, although other traditions use terms like Brahman, No-thing, Ein Sof or The Godhead, and I can see the point of distinguishing this purest state of divine existence from any particular human projection of personality.

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